Educational Kids Games

Are you always on the lookout for some great educational kids games?

I have found that the easiest way to teach my 6 year old is through games and playing.

One of the games that keeps her attention for at least half an hour is counting the change in my wallet at a restaurant. We stack them, count them, she tells me what the coin is and reads how much it is worth. This is a great money game!

Another counting game that she likes is what we call "Hop Like A Bunny". She pretends to be a bunny and I say, "Hop once". She hops once and counts. We do this repeatedly until with more and higher counting. Be warned though - you may asked to be a bunny too!

It is a lot of fun and great exercise.

The key to teaching, especially the littler ones, is to pretend that you are not teaching. The play method will get you a lot farther.


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