The Importance Of Family

The importance of family cannot be taken lightly.

The definition of family is a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group whether dwelling together or not - this is the traditional family

Family goes much deeper than the definition. Our family are allies. The ones who are going to be there to stick it out with us when times are tough.

Why does it seem that we have lost our focus when it comes to family?

A solid family foundation is built on communication and effort, not neglect and a schedule that makes us "too busy".

Why don't we give a quick call to mom & dad on a daily basis to see how things are? And how about our uncles birthday that we didn't acknowledge last week?

Modern society appears to have broken the family down into separate individuals and not the unit that definition describes.

We need to teach our children in their early years about the foundation of family and in all likelihood, they will continue the tradition of a strong family unit.

Remember, if we have no family, we are all alone.

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