Christmas Games For Kids

Ready for some fun? Here are some Christmas games for kids:

Burst The Snow Ball

Things Required:

White balloons



Take a number of white balloons and blow them. Put the puffed up balloons in a basket and keep it in a corner.

Divide the children into two groups. Ask the child in the first line of both the teams to run across the room to the basket. Let the child pick up a balloon and burst it. Once the balloon is busted, he has to run back to his place and tag the next child who will now run and repeat the same process. Whichever team finishes the bursting first wins the game.

Dress Up Santa

Things Required:

Oversized suits (red color)

Large pants

Red and white balloons



Divide the children into two groups. Each of the team has to choose a team leader who is to be dressed as Santa. Give each team suits, pants and balloons. Blow the whistle to start the game.

Set the stopwatch and allot four minutes to each team. The children have to put the leader with the suit and pant. He is the Santa with the red suit and pant. Stuff as many balloons as possible inside the dress of Santa.

Whichever team puts the maximum balloon without being burst within the allotted time is the winner of the game. The puffy Santa is a great sight to see and enjoy.

Christmas Memory Game

Things Required:

A tray

Christmas objects like candies, bell, Santa Claus doll, Christmas tree craft, star, ribbon, wreath, colored plastic balls, and many others.


Take the above mentioned things in a tray and show it to the children for around 10-15 seconds. Take care each child has a proper observation of the things in the tray.

Remove the tray from the children’s sight. Ask them to note down the things in the tray which they can recall.

Whoever could get the maximum number of things right is the winner of the game.

Christmas Cake Task

Things Required:

Christmas cake pieces


Small piece of paper with numbers written



Cut the Christmas cake into equal small pieces as per the number of children participating in the game.

Cut small paper pieces in the shape of flags and number them starting from 1. Glue one paper piece to each of the toothpicks and push them inside the cake.

Think of a task for each of the number prepare the chits for these tasks. Keep the chits in a bowl. You can write such things like recite a Christmas carol, act like Santa Claus, sing a film song, dance to a fast number, and the likes.

Now ask your child guests to come one by one and take a piece of cake. They cannot eat the cake unless they have performed the task assigned with the number.

Judge the best performance and reward him with a Christmas gift.

Blow The Christmas Candle

Things Required:

A big candle


A piece of cloth to tie the eye


Light a candle and place it on a table. Put the table in the middle of the room.

Blindfold one child with the cloth and take him three steps right followed by four steps left. Circle him and leave. In most of the cases, the child looses tract of his direction.

Ask him to proceed and blow the candle. Other children can guide his steps to the candle. Since there will be so many children with so many directions that the blindfolded child will be totally confused and this will be a very funny sight to see.

Set a stopwatch and assign five minutes to each of the child to blow the candle. Whoever does it within the allotted time is the winner of the game.

Note: Parental supervision is required in this Christmas game. One elder person can stand near the candle and prevent the child from getting too close to the candle.

Have a little fun and get the whole family involved in these Christmas games! Ask the older family members what there favorite Christmas games were when they were kids and play those too!

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