Christmas Crafts For Kids

These Christmas crafts for kids projects are easy and fun to do:

Candy Cane Rudolph

Things You Need:

Brown Pipe Cleaners

Candy Cane


Small Bell

Small Red Pom Pom

Small Wiggle eyes

Thin Ribbon


Place the pipe cleaner under the curved neck of the candy cane. Twist it into a V-shape.

The curved end will be the face of the reindeer while the rest will be its body.

Bend each end of the shape into a zigzag shape like the antlers of the reindeer.

Glue two small wiggle eyes.

The small pom pom is used for Rudolph's nose.

String the bell through the ribbon to make the Rudolph's neck collar.

Tie it around the curve of the candy cane and attach it using a hot glue gun.

Christmas Puppets

Things You Need:

Construction Paper



Little Paper Bags

Other Craft Items such as beads, glitter, fabric scraps etc.


Draw any of the Christmas characters on the paper bags. Color them using crayons.

Embellish them with construction paper and miscellaneous craft items to make their eyes, mustaches, beards and hair.

You can make Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, Rudolph with his red nose and elves and angels.

Easy Christmas Ornaments

Things You Need:


Lid of a can or jar to draw a circle

Light Cardboard

Narrow ribbon

Patterned Fabric or Paper


Plain Fabric or Paper


Sheets of fusing material

Tracing paper


Use the lid to draw circles on the plain material and cut 2 circles from it.

Cut out the same size circle from the cardboard.

Trace any shape on the middle ornament on both the fabric circles and on the patterned material.

Cut a square of fusing material a bit smaller than the shape. Cut the ribbon to use it as a hanger.

Glue the ends of the ribbon between the fusing material and the cardboard.

Paste the shape on the circles and the circles on the cardboard with the shape facing out.

Your Christmas ornament is ready to hang on the tree.

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