Celebrating Christmas & Other Special Occasions

Whether we are celebrating Christmas, birthdays, Easter, an anniversary, or even having a family BBQ, there is planning and money involved.

Celebrations are fun but can be a strain on the planner and the planners budget.

The key to any occasion is too organize your time and your money.

Buying or making food, buying gifts, putting up decorations...it seems to never end.

We tend to go overboard on buying gifts especially at Christmas. What we need to do is sit down, look at our monthly budget, and decide how much we can spend.

The trick is not waiver from our event budget. If buying the food will be too expensive, ask guests to bring something and turn it into a potluck. If the gifts are too pricey, why not make handmade gifts?

There are options so you don't send yourself to the poorhouse because a special occasion is here.

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