Stay At Home Moms

Stay at home moms or housewives is a term used to describe married females who are not employed outside the home.

Hmmm... does that definition seem to be lacking in some detail? These busy moms are much more than unemployed females. We are caregivers, negotiators, teachers, psychologists, and so many other roles packaged into one human being.

We can fix the lawn mower, bandage the teddy bear's boo boo, and on occasion, be the plumber.

With recessions and flip flops in the economy, some moms already work at home while others are looking to start a home business.

No matter what we do in our daily lives, we are dedicated to our family and homes.

I like to chuckle when I hear someone say, "Your always home. How busy could you really be"?

Well now, our "work" hours are 24/7/365. Remember all those roles that we fill? Our day does not start at 8:00 am and end at 5:00 pm.

Our lives are filled with activities, daily routines, and all things important to us.

This is a life choice. This life path was chosen because our children need to be guided towards faith, morality, good judgment, and self esteem.

How can this possibly be done when families are continually separated on a daily basis?

Maybe the definition of stay at home mom should read more like this...

Stay at home mom - the term used for the female that is thankful everyday for the opportunity to never miss a single moment of their child's development.

- A witness to every scrape, bruise, and mishap that occurs.

- A participant in education from preschool all the way up to graduation day.

- The first to see the first smile and the long-awaited first step.

- The first to hear the first word and the reading of the first book.

- The one that has built a strong relationship with their child that is based on trust and confidence because the child sees that you have always been there for them.

How much more rewarding could life be?

The aim of this to provide great resources, links, and products that are of interest to stay at home moms.

Enjoy your stay and happy browsing!

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